I am in animal rescue. My pockets and gas tank are always empty. My
home is always hairy and my inbox full of sadness. But my heart is
full when I see those who have been saved.
Please don't buy, while shelter pets die.

Barks and Meows Rescue is a non-profit rescue group.  All of our rescues are rescued from situations whereby they no longer would have had a chance to survive.  Our goal is to find wonderful "loving family companion homes" for those adoring canines and felines who deserve a second chance in life.  We are committed to adopting these companions out  to homes where they are indoors, treated as family members and are continued to be well socialized and provided with both premium nutrition and health care.

All adoption fees for these animals are credited back into the veterinarian costs for the very next rescue.  These animals are taken to local Veterinarians when required.   All of our animals in foster care will be given premium quality food, as we believe it to be the best and have seen the difference it makes for an animal whose previous nutrition was poor. I wish to stress that Barks and Meows Rescue could not exist without the help of this dedicated, knowledgeable and local based clinic.  The staff each and every day makes a difference in the lives of every family that depend on them to keep their animals healthy.

Along with having fosters that have had the best nutrition while in our care,  we promise to socialize our animals as much as possible.  We will have them interacting with all members of the home including cats, dogs, children and both human males and females.  If we do not have all these factors in our home we will take them to places where they can interact so that we may advise the adopters honestly how truly social they are.

Our fosters will come from two sources.  All of our cats are surrenders whose families have provided proof of up to date vaccines and alteration.  The canines almost always come from shelters.  It matters not to us as to the source, just that the animals we take in are kind and wanting only another chance to show how truly loving they really are!

Finally our commitment to our new adopters will be full disclosure of how they came to be in our home, our experience with them during foster care and documentation from the Veterinarians on the status of their health.  We hope that you will be pleased with our dedication to having well rounded fosters in our system.  The team of foster homes are key to making this happen, and we couldn't do it with out them.  If wish to apply to become a foster parent for Barks and Meows, please e-mail us for an application and we shall be very happy to send one onto you.

I wish also to thank Robin Watson, Barb Lanthier, Jennifer Neumann and Nancy Vanderzwan for being outstanding supporters of this group.  They have already brought so much to the table and I can't wait to see how their efforts are realized during this continuous work in progress.  We also thank PetValu for their generous donations of food for both cats and dogs on a regular basis!

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Director, Barks and Meows Rescue

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