Welcome to Barks and Meows. 

Our goal is to provide in home pet care to ensure your pets are kept comfortable and happy.

It is very common for pets to be Kenneled or crated when pet owners are away. When absence occurs for long periods of time, this could cause stress on the pet and bring about undo pain and emotional suffering. Barks and Meows believe that every pet needs company. Ensuring that the pet's routine in their home continues, is key in decreasing the issues that surround your absence. Barks and Meows can assist you in developing a home care pet plan that matches your current routine. Whether it is walking your pet at a certain time, providing food and water at scheduled intervals or just providing nurturing and companionship on a daily basis, we can meet those requests and more. Barks and Meows can also make visits while you are away at work, to alleviate separation anxiety and help with exercising your pet.  

Barks and Meows will work with you at the onset and provide a free in home consultation. This time is important in order to introduce ourselves to your pet and to allow you as the owner to recognize your pet really does like us! Every pet is different and we understand and expect that from our clients. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs through a personalized pet care plan.

We will provide a Pet Sitting Contract and a Pet Sitting Checklist. These two documents will provide you with knowing that we are professional and believe that communication is the most important factor in allowing for optimum pet care.