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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Nico.  He is an English Foxhound weighing 55 lbs.  He has a short-medium length coat ad is 1 1/2 years old.  Nico is an owner surrender.


Nico is a wonderful boy.  True to the hound breed, he is curious and very social.  He loves people, children, and dogs.  He has a very high prey drive so will alert you if he sees or smells another animal.  Nico is very strong on the leash and follows his nose.  He requires a fully fenced yard made of wood and a minimum of 6 ft high.  He enjoys cuddling time with his foster family and playing with other dogs throughout the day.    He is quiet for the most part until he hears something outside or sees a furry critter from the window.  

Nico has your typical hound appetite.  He has a sensitive stomach so must be kept on high-quality food that contains grain.  His food is measured out and he gets 1 1/2 cups of food twice daily.

This beautiful boy was surrendered as he had separation anxiety when the family was out and they were at home enough for him.  This is why he requires a second canine in the home to play with.  This is typical of hounds being pack animals and they do not like being alone.  He loves other dogs and has just the best time playing outside with him.  Due to his breed, he can never be off-leash in an unfenced area.  Thankfully he is food motivated so this helps with his training.  He should be enrolled in obedience class with his new family.  He pulls hard on the leash so this is a skill set that he will need to work with.  He is scent-driven and outside that is what he focuses on.  He loves being in the car and doesn't get carsick.  

Cuddling with his family during downtime is something he looks forward to and will instantly fall asleep on you or beside you while being loved upon.  He has a very sweet disposition and is gentle in taking treats.  He does not require crating and is fully housebroken.  

The ideal home for Nico is one with another playful dog his size or larger.  He can play hard sometimes so size is important.  He should have a family that is comfortable ensuring the dog is leashed while on outdoor excursions and cautious of his prey drive.  Having a family that is not gone for long periods is important with hounds or they will become destructive  

Nico is neutered, up to date with vaccines, 4 DX tested negative, and has been dewormed.  He is also microchipped.

A fully fenced yard, wooden fence with a minimum of 6 feet high, another playful medium to large size canine, and a Veterinaria History of Compliance are mandatory to apply for our Nico.  

Thank you Melissa Caron Photography, for these really stunning photos.  

  • Hound - English Foxhound
  • Male
  • 3 Years OldMy DoB is 11/12/2020
  • 51 - 60 Pounds
  • Tri Color
  • Active and Playful
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like All Dogs
  • I Don't Like Cats
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