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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Archie.  He is a Romanian Mioritic Shepherd that may or may not be mixed with the Carpathian Shepherd.  He was born on Sept 1, 2020 and has a long hair coat.  He weighs currently 130 lbs and is still growing.  He is an owner surrender.

Archie was one of 8 pups born to Mommy Prada in Rescue in 2020.  He was adopted out at 9 weeks to a family on a farm with 5 other socialized Rescue Dogs including a 40-pound tripod, who turned out to be his best friend.  All the dogs in his adopters family are males.  Consequently, all his blood siblings were males as well.   Archie has been surrendered back to Rescues as he has continued to fight with the eldest dog in the home who is 70lb ad 13 years old.  Their fighting initially started over food and now it is apparent that they can no longer tolerate each other.  Jackson has been hurt in the episodes so currently, the family is keeping them separated.  

Archie has been well socialized since puppyhood.  He loves the children in the home, a 6-month-old, a 3-year-old, and a 7-year-old.  He loves his adopters but is definitely partial to the husband.  He loves to be outdoors and spends a great deal of time there but sleeps in his parent's room on a doggie bed.   He does not require crating and is not destructive in the home.  When the family is out, he stays in one of the stalls in the barn as he needs to be separated from Jackson.    He loves the snow and doesn't mind the rain at all.  Archie requires regular brushing as this breed tends to get matted.  His fur is very soft.   He is Acana Large Breed formula, 6 cups daily.  He knows the sit, stays, down, off, come and leave it commands.  He is not leash trained as he has lived his life on a farm.

Archie is true to his Guardian Breed.  He is very protective of his home and all the animals inside.  He is wary of strangers but is fine once they come into the home, invited, sit down and ignore him for a few minutes.  He doesn't not like the Fed Ex men and most likely people, in uniforms.  He adores all of the children in the home and likes the rest of the doggie pack.  This breed will guard their food and their people.  Archie is treat motivated as well as praise driven.  There are pigs on the farm but he is not allowed near them as he will try to herd them.  There are chickens as well but he is kept separated from them as the family believes he would hurt a chicken.

True to the breed is that they don't like to have a busy home.  It makes the Guardian Breeds nervous as they become confused and worry about guarding the family.  A home that is fairly quiet, with not a lot of comings and goings of guests, is what we are looking for.  

If you know your Guardian Breeds, none of this commentary will surprise you.  It is a MUST that the family that adopts him must have Guardian Breed Experience and have either a farm or acreage.  He will be fine as an only dog. He will require a strong hand in leadership, that is why they often gravitate towards the male in the home.  Keep in mind, he is a very strong dog.  He stays on the property and does not roam.  

A Veterinarian History of Compliance, a dog-free home, Guardian Dog Experience, and a farm are mandatory to apply for our Archie.  

Archie is neutered, up to date with vaccines and 4 DX tested negative and on flea/tick prevention.  He is microchipped.  



  • Romanian Mioritic Shepherd
  • Male
  • 3 Years OldMy DoB is 09/01/2020
  • Over 100 Pounds
  • Grey & White
  • Active and Playful
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • I Like Some Cats
  • I Like Some Small Animals
  • I Have Not Been Tested with Farm Animals
  • I'm Currently In Training
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