Hi! My Name Is Zoey

We're happy to tell you that Zoey has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Zoey.  She is 2 1/2 years old and is a lovely boxer mix.  She weighs 53lbs.  Zoey was rescued from a high kill shelter in the South already pregnant. Zoey has been a wonderful gal to foster.  She had a very tough last 8 months.  She entered our Rescue fully pregnant, and we had no idea who the father was. Zoey was also heartworm positive  She had a beautiful litter of 8 who all of a sudden got very sick at two weeks of age.  All but 1 passed away and it was discovered that Zoey had contracted Canine Herpes in the shelter and was asymptomatic so no one knew she carried it.  It is very common in dogs but if a pregnant dog contracts it, it is almost always fatal to the litter.  Zoey was a fantastic mom to the one surviving pup who has since been adopted.  She is very socialized with other dogs and had many boxer traits.  She plays like a boxer, har and with her paws.  She also bodies slams and has the boxer's short hair coat.  We are unsure of what other breeds are in her mix but she is a terrific family dog.   Zoey has zero food intolerances and no skin or ear issues that can be associated with the Boxer Breed.   She loves all people and all children.  She is quiet, like the Boxer breed, and only barks if there is a reason.  She prefers to be with her family as much as possible.  She likes company when she goes out in the yard to relieve herself.  Playing with toys, tug of war with large rope toys is one of her favorite things to do.   She is crate trained.   At this point, due to hormonal changes, she should be watched to ensure she doesn't chew anything, especially when the family is all out.  This is normal behavior for any female that has had a litter within the last year,  Crating may be necessary at the onset.  Zoey will require work on walking with a body harness and lead.  She wants to stop and meet every person and dog she sees.  She rides phenomenally well in the vehicle and barks at people to come and see her,  She likes to sleep in and we think there may be some hound in her as she is not an early morning kind of gal.  She eats very well and food must be measured out to ensure she doesn't overeat.  She takes treats very nicely.  She sleeps on a doggie bed in her foster parent's room. The ideal home for Zoey would be one with children.  She is a very family-oriented dog and we know she will never let harm come to any child member.  She is very strong so we don't believe children will be able to walk her.  She should be fine off-leash on hikes or cottages once she bonds with the family.    We do not condone off-leash parks for any of our dogs.  The family should be one who is home more often than not.  Another socialized medium to a large dog would work as a playmate for Zoey.  The resident dog would have to be able to handle playing hard as well. Zoey is spayed, up to date with vaccines, now heartworm negative, and is not a carrier for the Canine Herpes virus any longer.  She is on Symparica Trio for monthly heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.   She has been thoroughly dewormed during her time in Rescue.  She will come with a leash, collar, and body harness.  Zoey will be available to go to her new home on Sunday, July 5. A fully fenced (minimum 6 ft wooden) yard and a Veterinarian History of Compliance is mandatory to apply for Mommy Zoey.