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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Vinny, formerly Bazooka.  He is one of Mommy Luna's puppies.  He is an American Bulldog/Akita mix currently weighing 75lbs and not yet fully grown.  He may reach 90lbs.  He has a short hair coat.  

Vinny was adopted at the age of 8 weeks and surrendered back at the age of  11 months.  He had not been neutered yet, based on the advice of his adopter's Veterinarian due to the fact he was going to be a large breed dog.  The vet wanted to wait until he was at least 18 months.  Unfortunately, this was the wrong call.  This breed mix is known to be dog selective and there were two other neutered males in the home.  Vinny started showing signs of aggression and dominance with one of the male dogs at the age of 9 months and it worsened over time.  It was clear that he had become dog selective and living in a home with the resident dog would not work.

Vinny's family had always had a dog walker with him as well as a trainer. He was on the raw diet and we have since moved himback to a limited lamb ingredient dry food.  This boy was very much loved and cared for, it just was not the right dynamic,  Vinny was neutered upon intake day and had been doing very well in his foster home.  He has good recall, is obedient, and well mannered.  Typical to his breed he is loving and pushy when he wants attention.  Vinny loves to be cuddled and get kisses.  He knows all his basic commands.  He plays with a resident female dog in the home but will be put in his place by her if he gets too rough.  He has been fabulous with all the puppies he has met.  

Vinny is housebroken and continues sleeping in his crate as other dogs are in the foster home.  This boy walks well on a leash and rides well in the vehicle.  He has not been exposed to children.  He knows how to heel and stay beside you. Absolutely loves walks (and treats for listening). He’s usually not the one to start any nonsense on a leash but will certainly not back down. We use a slip leash and responds very well to leash pressure. 


Vinny is happy and friendly with people. Very observant. Does not bark but will let you know in the morning that he’s awake and needs to potty with a few awoo’s. He loves bully sticks. Independent enjoys watching the squirrels and birds in the yard. Vinny loves to go for car rides. Sleeps in his crates with a blanket, but if given a bed or anything with stuffing, he will shred it. Have tried to leave him out of the crate during the day but will chew things he’s not supposed to. All around loving boy but has proven to be dog-selective and needs to be an only dog. Does not like to share toys or high-value treats. Loves to play with his flirt pole and is learning to catch a frisbee.

Vinny is neutered, up to date with vaccines and microchipped.

  • Bulldog - American & Akita Inu
  • Male
  • Puppy (5 - 24 Months)My DoB is 02/02/2023
  • 71 - 80 Pounds
  • White & Tan
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • I Like Some Cats
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