Hi! My Name Is Timmy

We're happy to tell you that Timmy has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows introduce Timmy.  He is one of 5 puppies born to Mommy Lexi.  They were surrendered by a family who didn't care for the breed and wanted them all to go.  The puppies were about 5 weeks old when we took them into Rescue.   Assuming they were born on September 29, National Coffee Day, their namesakes reflect various brands of coffee.  We estimate Timmy to be no more than 60 lbs when fully grown.

Timmy is just an absolute joy to foster.  He is so social with both dogs and people of all ages.  He loves children and is so playful all day long.  He knows all his basic commands and leash training is progressing.  His recall is excellent.  Timmy's love of toys is endless.  He plays and carries them in his mouth.  Outside in the yard he has a great time playing with other dogs in the homes.  He is great with adults and puppies.  He loves to be touched and brushed.  He has a huge appetite so his food is measured out 3 times a day.   He is currently eating Loveabowls.

Timmy is a good-natured boy, his disposition coming from both his parents who are dolls.  He is crate trained and sleeps outside of the crate on a Karunda bed at night.  He needs to be tethered in the vehicle or have someone in the back with him or he will get into mischief.  He is a typical toddler who is always looking for things to amuse him.  

The ideal home for Timmy is one where there are children.  He is so gentle and kind and would work as a fabulous new family member.  Lots of outdoor hikes and playtime would mean so much to him.  

Timmy is now fully vetted!

UPDATE: 2nd set of vaccines, including Lyme, was given on Dec 23.  Timmy weighed 9.7 kg.

UPDATE: Jan 19, third and final set of vaccines was given.  Weight was 14.8 kg at 16 weeks.

UPDATE: April 3 he was neutered. 

A fully fenced yard or a large farm is mandatory to apply for Timmy.

We thank Melissa Caron Photography for these absolutely lovely photos.