Hi! My Name Is Samson

We're happy to tell you that Samson has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Samson, He was born in foster care in August 2019 and is one of Chloe's babies. He weighs almost 16lbs and has a short hair coat. Samson was adopted out at 8 weeks of age. He was returned in late February as the family said he kept attacking their cat. In his foster home, we have found him quiet, loving, sweet, quiet and loves having other dogs to play with. This is where he seems to get his energy release. He has been great around the children we have taken him to meet. We found, as did the vet, that he came back to us not liking having his face touched. We have desensitized him from that and he now allows us to handle and caress his face. He is a darling sweet boy. His family did a wonderful job of crate training him. He goes in it with no problem and currently is fed in his crate. As he is still a puppy, crating would be required when no one is home. Currently, he is also crated at night. He loves toys and playing with other small dogs. He needed to learn how to play nicely which two of the foster dogs have taught him. If puppies are not socialized enough with other adult dogs after 8 weeks of age, they do not know how to play. Adults teach them, especially females. Samson's previous family looked after his health care extremely well. He has been fully vaccinated, neutered and also had Cherry Eye Surgery done at our vets which was deemed a success! He is also on flea and tick prevention. Samson is just still a puppy who will continue to learn manners etc from his new family. The ideal home is one where there is another resident dog to keep him company and to teach him the rules of the home. He needs much more exposure to going on walks. He hasn't been exposed much to car rides and we were told he would get agitated and excited. Again he will need a family to work with him to get him into a routine for going for car rides making it fun, not a scary adventure. As he is still a puppy, we are looking for a family that is home more often than not so that he is not crated too long. Samson is neutered, up to date with vaccines, microchipped, and on flea and tick prevention. A fully fenced yard, another resident socialized canine, and a Veterinarian History of Compliance are mandatory to apply for our Samson.