Hi! My Name Is Rogue

We're happy to tell you that Rogue has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Rogue.  She is a Boxer mix with extremely gorgeous brindle markings.  Rogue weighs 57 lbs and has a short hair coat.  Rogue is almost 1 1/2 years old.  She was an owner surrender as her previous family no longer could afford their dogs.

Rogue is a very happy girl and we can still see the puppy in her.  She is very loving and sweet.  She is happiest when playing with the other dogs outside in her foster home.  She really doesn't want to come back in regardless of this cold weather when she is out playing with the other dogs.  She needs a coat in the cold weather due to her short hair.  

Rogue is fed 1 1/2 cups twice a day and has a bit of a sensitive stomach, typical of the Boxer Breed.  She is fed Chicken and Rice and the treats are occasional.  This gal loves to cuddle on the couch with her foster family.  She is fed away from the other dogs as she likes to go to other dog bowls when she is done which doesn't go over well at the foster home.  Rogue is not crated.  She has behaved well in her foster home as long as she has a playmate and lots of chew toys which she loves.  Rogue is not crated at her foster home but will need to be fed separately from the other resident dog.  At night she sleeps on the couch as there is no room for her on her foster parent's bed.  She would love to have a doggie bed in her new family's home or even join them on their bed.  

Rogue needs work on walking on her harness and lead but love to go out.  She is from a rural part of Kentucky so she is not used to traffic, buses etc.  We notice she has a prey drive.  Though she has not hurt our small dogs, we are very mindful of her when she is around them.  She does best with medium to large size dogs.

In the vehicle, she rides well and enjoys car trips .  She gives sweet kisses and loves to be hugged and held close.  She has the Boxer temperament, she is quiet, very fast, loves to run, sensitive stomach is family-oriented, and can be stubborn.  She has a temper if one of the foster dogs does something she doesn't like.  Rogue does very well with children but not cats!

Rogue requires a lot of exercise and running time.  She doesn't have to have another resident dog in her home but she will need to have another dog to play with at times every week.  We do not recommend dog parks. She will do best when she has a best friend, or buddy to play with regularly, a canine that she has met and really enjoys their company.  She can be dog selective so socializing with male canines is best.

The ideal home for Rogue will be a family that has a large fenced-in yard for her to be able to run and play in.  Another socialized canine would work but if not, an active outdoor type of family that wants to get involved in activities would be best.  We believe she would really enjoy obedience classes so as not to get bored and continue socialization with other dogs.  She will require a wooden fence, 6 feet or higher as she can really jump and scale lower fences.  A family who has had Boxers before would be helpful.

Rogue is spayed, up to date with vaccines, 4 dx tested negative, dewormed, and microchipped.  

A fully fenced yard with a minimum of a 6-foot high wooden fence, an active family that enjoys and who will participate daily in outdoor activities for Rogue, a family who will ensure she has running time daily but not at a dog park, and a Veterinarian History of Compliance is mandatory to apply for our Rogue.