Hi! My Name Is Rocky

We're happy to tell you that Rocky has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Rocky.  He is a 4-year-old Dachshund mix weighing 26.4 lbs.  He has a short hair coat and was an owner surrender. Rocky  (aka Nemo) was born into our Rescue to Mommy Annie.  He was the only born in the litter and adopted out at 8 weeks of age.  Recently we were contacted by his family to surrender him for a few different issues.  The first issue was that he had bit the daughter's friend requiring stitches.  It was determined by the city that he was not a dangerous dog but he reacted that way because the boy startled him.    The other concern is that they adopted a puppy 8 months ago.  Rocky became the dominant dog and started to act out.  He became possessive of his toys and food.  The other dog is much larger, a husky mix also a male who was recently neutered. Rocky has been an Angel the entire time in foster care.  We just cannot figure out what caused him to behave the way he had but he is very happy in his foster home.  He gets along with all the dogs and is affectionate, never tries to resource guard and he has his birth mother available for companionship as well.  Rocky is fully housebroken, sleeps on the bed, and does not need a crate.  He is not destructive at all.  We believe he enjoys having the companionship of another dog.  Though he gets along with both sexes in the foster home, a female would be the best dynamic for him. He does love children. His tail wags so hard when he sees a child. His family believes if there are children in the home they should be 10 years plus. Rocky loves cuddles and is a very quiet dog. He is in wonderful shape and is very muscular. He loves to sit on your lap and enjoys going for walks. He is fed twice daily and takes treats gently.   The ideal home for Rocky would be one with another socialized female small dog. A family home more often then not, is always the most suitable for Dachshunds. He is a lover, not a fighter and we are not being biased because he was born in our Rescue. We are being honest and transparent about what we have seen.   Rocky is neutered, up to date with vaccines, 4 DX tested negative, and on heartworm/flea/tick prevention.\   A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian history of compliance are mandatory to apply for our Rocky.