Hi! My Name Is Rocky

We're happy to tell you that Rocky has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Rocky.  He is one of 3 puppies surrendered to Rescue by a backyard breeder in South West Ontario who could not sell them as demand has dwindled.  We were told that Mom is a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog and the father is a border collie mix.  They all have fluffy coats and very large paws.  They could very well reach 100 lbs when fully grown.

Rocky is a big adorable pup.  He is the first to the food bowl and the first to finish.   He is playful with his brothers and the other dogs in the foster home.  He has a deep bark as he likes to talk to the other dogs when playing with them.  He has a medium-length fluffy coat.  He enjoys mealtime and is fed 3 times a day in a large size crate.   He is eating Royal Canin Large breed puppy food for ages 2-8 months.  He was a good boy for his photo shoot.  These pups were raised in a barn so are learning to not be afraid of new noises and activities.  They all have remarkably well-rounded dispositions.  

Rocky loves attention from his foster family. He is affectionate with everyone.    The three boys love sleeping on Karunda beds as it is cooler for them.  They are now paper-trained and love being outdoors.  They must be kept out of the extreme heat due to their breed mix.  They all will love the snow once it arrives.  All 3 were wonderful in the bath and are wonderful currently crated in the vehicle.  These boys are anxious to learn and incredibly smart.  

The ideal home for Rocky is one where he gets to be socialized continuously with other dogs and people.  A family who enjoys outdoor activities with their dogs is perfect.

On July 8, all pups had their second set of vaccines including Lepto and Bordetella.  They were dewormed with Strongid T again and microchipped.  They had their Nexguard Spectra tablets for heartworm/flea/tick prevention.  Rocky weighed 14.2 kg at 12 weeks of age. 

A fully fenced yard or farm is mandatory to apply for our Rocky.  

Thank you very much to Melissa Caron Photography and to Derek for helping with this photoshoot.  The photos as always, are spectacular.