Hi! My Name Is Reddy

We're happy to tell you that Reddy has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Reddy. She is a 4-year old Redbone Coonhound weighing 72lb. Reddy is quite tall with a short hair coat. She was abandoned when her owner packed up and left, leaving multiple animals to fend for themselves. Reddy has a lovely temperament. We love Redbones, our favorite of all the Coonhounds as they are very social, fantastic with all dogs, gentle and quiet! She lavishes the time spent doting on her. Her favorite thing is having her ears stroked. Hugging a Coonhound can become an addiction so BEWARE! Reddy is very quiet. She has a wooden 6 feet high fully fenced yard to play in and enjoys it very much. She will stand up against the fence when she catches the scent of something on the other side of the fence, such as one of the feral cats. True to the breed, she has a high prey drive for any animal other than dogs. This breed can never be off-leash unless in a high wooden fenced area as they can scale chain-link fences if they want to. This sweetie loves all dogs, of all ages and all sizes. Whether they are a playmate or a companion it is very necessary to have another dog in a hound home. She would counter surf if she has access which is another Coonhound trait. Following her nose is built right into the breed and nothing will change that. Reddy is crate trained and currently sleeps and eats in her crate with no issues, Her breed is very food motivated but many foods thus far she has no clue what it is. In her previous dwellings, she had no luxuries and was not exposed to much. She had a small outdoor pen she was kept in. Reddy is fed twice daily. Reddy also loves children of all ages. The ideal home for Reddy is one with a minimum wooden 6-foot high fence. A second dog in the home that is socialized if vital so that separation anxiety doesn't occur. Any size or age of the dog will do, just as long as she has a companion. She will require a family that understands that this is not an off-leash dog. She will always require a leash and body harness on any of her walks. Hounds do not like to be left alone too long so a family that is home more often than not would be best. Reddy is spayed, up to date with vaccines, heartworm tested negative and tested positive for Erlichiosis. She is on antibiotics for 30 days to get rid of the tick-borne bacterial illness. Reddy has no symptoms but the bloodwork showed she had been exposed. Our gal is on heartworm and flea prevention for November.