Hi! My Name Is Rayo

We're happy to tell you that Rayo has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Rayo (means lightning in Spanish). He is a Portuguese Medio Podengo. He was born on Nov 15/2017. He is a smooth coat with an undercoat. He weighs 35lbs. His owner surrendered him to rescue as they moved to a much smaller home with no yard and realized they couldn't give him the exercise he needed due to the amount of hours they worked. This breed is a sight hound. They are bred to hunt small game like rabbits and birds. They can jump very high and very well. They are known as lively, cheerful and loyal companions. Rayo has learned to play with other dogs now and really does enjoy it. He is very good with children. He is a very good watchdog since he is very alert and suspicious of strangers. They are known to bark like mad when someone comes into the property but won't confront the stranger or act agressively. They tend to bark at anything out of the ordinary so are prone to excess barking. In Rayo's case, he barks everytime he sees a new person, or someone walking by etc. Rayo, true to his breed, is very reserved with strangers. It doesn't take him long to warm up to someone new and he loves to give hugs and kisses. He is food motivated, trains easily and is highly intelligent. He sleeps in a doggie bed at night time and is never crated. He has a prey drive so no cats or guinea pigs etc in the home. His former owner used to take him hunting for rabbits and squirrels and he was very good at coming to him when whistled for. Rayo is fully housebroken. The ideal home for Rayo is one where one can take him hunting of small game. This is what he was bred to do and he really enjoys it. He is doesn't like being alone for too long. He loves the car and going for hikes on trails would suit him, though he will need to be on a leash. If one doesn't hunt, tracking would work for him as well. Rayo is neutered, up to date with vaccines, 4dx tested negative and on Heartworm/flea/tick prevention. A fully fenced yard, containing a minimum of 6 foot high wooden fencing, and a Veterinarian history of compliance are mandatory in order to apply for our Rayo.