Hi! My Name Is Precious

We're happy to tell you that Precious has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Precious.  She is a Romanian Mioritic Sheepdog that may have some Caucasian Shepherd in her as both breeds were being bred there.   She was surrendered to our rescue at 8 months of age, having come from a Backyard Breeder who was closing down. She has long fur which will require professional grooming 4 times a year. Precious shows all the wonderful traits of the Romanian Mioritic Sheepdog.  She is very loving with the family in her foster home and enjoys meeting new people.  This breed is a guardian breed so would protect the family if needed.  Continuing socialization is the key to ensuring she remains always an outgoing, fun dog to be around.   Precious is wonderful with the three children in the home, ages 8-14.  She plays with the other two male dogs and definitely loves the cooler weather and snow.  They are not known for huge appetites so she is eating 2  cups of food, twice daily.  Precious is eating large breed puppy food and will remain on it until she is 18 months of age.  She is only halfway through her growing stage and currently weighs about 82 pounds.  She has long legs and gigantic paws.  Her family has taught her to walk on a leash, which was a huge task in itself.  She takes her trust of other people from her family members.  If they like the person, she will as well.   She has a deep bark, only using it if need be.  This breed is not a yappy one.  She usually sleeps on the couch and sometimes beside the bed.  They get warm very easily so enjoy laying on a cold floor in the warmer months.  She did meet a cat outside of the cage at PetValue and didn't even look at it.  Precious enjoys dogs including puppies but is selective of female canines..  She has lived amongst multiple dogs her entire life, so a second large male, socialized canine may be a fit but it is not mandatory.   She has gone for a groom and did very well but laid down in the tub.  She does well in the car ride now that she can walk on a lead.  She does hate the body harness so she is walked on a Martindale collar. The ideal home for Precious is one where the family is patient with her as she came to us quite feral.  She has learned to trust her family members, so kindness, patience, and consistency are key.  She is used to the children in the home, who are very dog savvy, working with her on tricks, leash training, etc.  We would like to see her in a home with children 8 years up who all have guardian breed experience.  She really doesn't realize how big she is and is a giant lap dog. Precious is spayed, up to date with vaccines, and dewormed. A fully fenced yard, children 8 years plus, and a Veterinarian History of Compliance are mandatory to apply for Precious.