Hi! My Name Is Peeps

We're happy to tell you that Peeps has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Peeps.  He is one of 7 puppies, born to Mommy Lily on Easter Monday. There are 6 males and 1 female in the litter.   Mommy is a hound/retriever we are guessing.  We had a DNA test done on one of the pups in the litter (Pascal) so are awaiting the results.  We are guessing at this point that this litter has Australian Cattle dog/ Great Pyrenees in them. Peeps has a medium-length, soft hair coat.  Mommy Lily weighs about 48 lbs, but we anticipate this litter being at least 60lbs.  There may have been more than one father involved in this conception.

Peeps is just a playful soul. He is affectionate and busy all the time.  When he sleeps though, he sleeps hard and is a sound sleeper.  Peeps currently exhibit the most herding traits in the litter.  He is on the go, curious, always wants to explore, and nips at our heels.   He is affectionate with people but squirmy when held currently.  He is wonderful in the bath and great for his nail trims.  He loves, loves, being outside.  Exploring and adventures explain him to a tee! He is vocal when he wants something.   He is a sweetheart, inside and out, and would do best in a home with another dog.

The entire litter is paper trained and is free fed until they reach 8 weeks.  They are fed 4 times daily and are on Royal Canin, Medium Breed Puppy Food.  They love all sorts of toys but squeaky ones, stuffies, and rope toys are their favorite.  Their dispositions are wonderful, having received this trait for sure from their wonderful Mom Lily who is a Saint.  

This litter is nipping at my heels so we know for a fact there is some herding breed in them.  This is a very important trait and one cannot stop the instinct to herd.  A family interested in these pups must be prepared for this as we do not want families returning the dogs because they are "nippy"!  Research must be done on herding breeds please before applying.  A home that is too busy won't work for them.  They will require stimulation and a job to do.  Getting them involved right away in obedience training is a must.  We can assure you that they will excel and be the best in their class.  Socialization of this litter is very important.  The more people, children, dogs, and cats they are exposed to, the better.

On Saturday, June 11, they will have their first set of vaccines done, microchipping, and health check.  They have been dewormed every two weeks since birth and will continue until they are eight weeks.  We will have their weights noted at this vet visit as well.  They will be ready to go to their new homes on June 12.

Thank you Melissa Caron Photography for these amazing and beautiful photos.

A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian History of Compliance are mandatory to apply for our Peeps.

NOTE:  We will update their bios with their weights and the DNA test result of Pascal as soon as we have that info.