Hi! My Name Is Otis

We're happy to tell you that Otis has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduce Otis aka Lovebug.  He is an 18-month-old German Shepherd mix with a beautiful big head, just the right size for big kisses.  He weighs 79lbs currently.  Otis was surrendered from an Ontario family, having come from an environment where he was abused by the man in the home.  He was crated for long periods of time in the basement.

Otis really doesn't show any signs of having been abused.  He took to his foster dad right away with no signs of being fearful.  He is extremely affectionate and cuddly.  His favorite pastime is spending time with his foster family watching tv.  He really likes being touched so one must have a free hand to keep on him while cuddling or he will nudge you for more.  He is very typical of his breed.  Otis will bark if someone comes to the door but will go to his bed on command and stop the barking.  He is very intelligent and learns quickly.  He does not jump up on people as he did in his previous home.  His recall is excellent unless he sees a furry critter.  He has a very high prey drive and is very strong.  He will pull you off your feet if he sees another dog or squirrel etc on your walks.  He will require a body harness and at the very least a Martindale collar when going for walks.  He needs a lot of work on learning to go for walks but will learn quickly once he is taken out daily.  As well, typical to his breed, he needs to be stimulated mentally and physically and will look for a job to do.  Since his recall is very good, he would do very well in obedience classes and scent training.  He is a herding breed and will chase anything that runs.  He is very good at the vets being handled by both males and females.  Otis enjoys his extra large crate and is not destructive as long as he has LOTS of chew toys around him and doesn't become bored. 

Otis is fed twice daily in his crate 2 cups of dry food twice daily.  He does have a typical German Shepherd-sensitive tummy so only food with grain should be given.  Royal Canin or Hills Science Diet food works well for him.     He is great in the car.  He takes treats very gently.

The ideal home for Otis is one where a family member is home quite a bit and/or another large female dog to keep him company.  

Otis is neutered, 4dx tested negative, on Heartworm flea tick prevention, up to date with vaccines, and microchipped.  

A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian History of Compliance are mandatory to apply for our boy Otis.  

We would like to thank Melissa Caron Photography for taking these gorgeous photos for us.