Hi! My Name Is Milli

We're happy to tell you that Milli has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Mili.  She is a Black Mouth Cur/American Bull Dog mix, 3 1/2 years old and weighing 73lbs.  She has a medium length hair coat. Mili was born to Mommy Gracie at Barks and Meows Rescue on June 1, 2017.  She was adopted by a fantastic family who doted on her, loved her and worked very hard on training her.  At her home in the GTA, Mili had chronic ear infections and allergies.  She was on Apoquel and Blue Buffalo Fish protein to help prevent the itch.  Unfortunately, her Dad's allergies worsened, even though they moved, homes, it didn't help.  The family who had provided her with the best of healthcare had to make the very difficult decision to surrender her back to the Rescue. Now that she is out of the GTA, her allergies are nil.  We took her to our Vet who said there were zero signs of any allergies and we should wean her off the Apoquel, which we have since done.  Her ears and skin are perfect, no scratching and no biting at herself.  She is with another foster dog, up for adoption, named Bear, and they seem a good match to foster together.  There are four kids in the home ranging from 12-16.  She loves children as well. Mili, as is her Mom, is a very strong, stubborn but loving breed mix.  She is an Alpha female and does well with other males.  Her foster family is just thrilled with how well trained she was when she entered their home.  She is very obedient.  They believe she must have another dog in her life as she loves to play with Bear.  That too is no surprise as Mommy Gracie is the same way.    Mili is crate trained and is crated when the family leaves the house.  She is known to be destructive when bored she has eaten the pillows and shoes so crating is still necessary.   She eats in her crate and is now on Zignature brand food, Trout and Salmon.  She sleeps wherever she wants on couches, floor, doggie bed in the bedroom.  Mili walks great on her leash and harness.    We are sure she would not like cats, as both breeds in her have high prey drives.  Mili rides well in the car and loves to be with the family.  She is a great protector of the home but accepts anyone that the family members do.  She is very affectionate and loves hugs.  She is good at the vets but doesn't like having her nails done.  She takes treats very nicely from everyone. The ideal home for Mili, is one where there is another large, socialized male dog to play with.  A family that will take her for hikes walks and even visiting cottage country would be great.  Due to her strength, she cannot be walked by a child because if she sees a squirrel, she would bolt.  Reading up on these two breed mixes is important.  Both breeds are known for their love of family, strength, and stubbornness. Mili is spayed, up to date with vaccines, 4DX tested negative, and on heartworm flea tick prevention. A fully fenced yard, another large socialized male dog, and a Veterinarian History of Compliance is mandatory to apply for our Mili.