Hi! My Name Is Melita

We're happy to tell you that Melita has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows introduce Melita.  She is one of 5 puppies born to Mommy Lexi.  They were surrendered by a family who didn't care for the breed and wanted them all to go.  The puppies were about 5 weeks old when we took them into Rescue.  We have since also brought another one of her pups from a previous litter, now 8 months old, and the father of the litter.  Assuming they were born on September 29, National Coffee Day, their namesakes reflect various brands of coffee.  We estimate this litter to reach 60 lb when fully grown.  


This litter turned out to be a Parvo litter, but all recovered quickly with zero issues.  We cannot tell these adorable littermates apart at a glance.  Their personalities all seem to be identical so we have no choice but to provide the same bio, except for their weights, for all.

These little ones are very socialized, and friendly and enjoy their feeding times, three times a day.  They are currently eating Royal Canin Medium Breed Puppy food.  They love going outside to play and puddles are a big fascination for them all.  Toys, toys and more toys.  They are definitely in the chewing stage so love having multiple toys to play with at all times.  They are paper-trained and love sleeping together on their Karunda Bed  They have not had the opportunity to be out in the snow as of this writing, but we know they will be in heaven.  They ride well in the vehicle in their crates and do not get sick.  They all do very well in the bath and for their nail trims.

These pups have been well socialized with other dogs of various sizes.  They have learned a lot from them and their Mommy Lexi.  The ideal home for this litter is one where they are included in various family activities, both indoors and out.  The family should be taking them to obedience classes for continued learning and socializing.  They are an active breed so a family who are couch potatoes would not work for this breed,  They have not been exposed to cats.  All puppies love children and they are no different.  Preference will be given to those applicants with another well-socialized dog in the home.

They were vaccinated, microchipped, and provided Nexguard Spectra on Dece 2.  They have been dewormed twice since arriving.  None of them have heart murmurs.  Melita weighed 6.96 kg.  

UPDATE: 2nd set of vaccines, including Lyme, was given on Dec 23.  Melita weighed 10.2 KG.

A fully fenced yard or a large farm is mandatory to apply for Melita.

Spay and neuter are included in the adoption fee as long as it is done at West Lorne Animal Clinic.  

Two of the males have back dewclaws which our vets will remove at their neuter.

We thank Melissa Caron Photography for these absolutely lovely photos and thank the Carney Family for providing a beautiful backdrop for these pups.