Hi! My Name Is McQueen

We're happy to tell you that McQueen has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces McQueen.  He is one of 8 pups born to Prada who is a Romanian Mioritic Shepherd/Carpathian mix.  She has long hair and was surrendered to us already pregnant from a backyard breeder who was moving back to Romania.  Prada is 3 1/2 years old. This litter was born on September 2.  There were both Romanian Mioritic Shepherds and Carpathian Mixes on the property.  We are unsure which breed or mix is the father or fathers of this litter.  We can tell you that being males, they may reach 140lbs when fully grown.  They will require grooming as adults and are shedders.  The Mioritics have wirey fur and big eyes like the Irish wolfhounds as you can see with Mommy Prada.  This litter has been aptly named after famous male fashion designers. McQueen is one of the largest, probably at least 15lbs.  He loves to eat and plays well with his brothers.  He really enjoys the company of other dogs. This litter, as well as Prada,  has been fed exclusively Royal Canin Medium Breed Puppy Food. We believe it to be the best of all the commercial dog foods on the market.  They have done very well with it.  They have been dewormed every two weeks since birth.  They are pee-pee pad trained and really can be crate trained anytime.  They love a variety of different toys and are not hard on them at this point.  They do not nip at our heels.  The litter is segregated in the whelping room until they have had their first vaccines which will be done on Friday, October 30.  The only time they have been outside was for this photoshoot.   At their vet appointment, they will have their first set of vaccines, including Bordetella, and be microchipped.  They will have a health exam as well where they will check for heart murmurs and umbilical hernias.    This whole litter is fantastic in the bathtub.  They were crated in the vehicle for the ride to and from the photoshoot and didn't mess in it at all. This is a very rare breed mix in Canada so we are expecting applicants to do their homework on the traits of this combo.  They will be very large and require a lot of space.  They are guardian breeds and were originally bred to protect the flocks etc.  They love the outdoors and love to run and play.  They are protective of the home and family so immediate constant socialization is a must.  They have not met any children yet under the age of 8 but of course, will love anyone who becomes their family and pack members.  We will be asking multiple questions to applicants involving their researched knowledge of the breed so one must do their homework. The adoption fee includes the eventual neutering of the pups by a pre-determined age at the Mt. Brydges Animal Clinic.  They will be registered in Barks and Meows Rescue's name for the microchip for which the adopter can have changed online with the microchip company themselves.  This litter is ready to leave for their new homes on October 30.  The ideal home for these pups will be a large fully fenced in yard.  No apartments and no townhouses.  Definitely farm properties will be considered depending on the dynamic of the home and farm itself.  Another well-socialized canine in the home is always a bonus as is Guardian Breed experience but not mandatory.  One must have a Veterinarian History of Compliance as well, to apply. Only available to Ontario residents!