Hi! My Name Is Karma

We're happy to tell you that Karma has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Karma.  She and her brother were dumped by a backyard breeder in Southwestern Ontario when he couldn't sell them.  We were told their Mother was a lab/shep and father a Collie mix. They have medium-length fur with striking markings We predict they will reach 60 lbs plus when fully grown.   

Karma is the follower of the two siblings, not the leader.  She lets her brother take the lead in everything and she follows suit.  Both pups are very sweet and good-natured.  The Vets noted on their second visit just how much more social they were.  Karma enjoys chew toys and sticks.  She is fed three times daily in her crate, Royal Canin Medium Breed Puppy food.  Karma is focused and both praise and food-driven.  She too will train easily.  She currently comes when called and knows how to sit.  Both puppies understand the meaning of the word no.  True to her breed mix she is a talker when playing with the other dogs.  Karma loves to snuggle and watch TV at night.  Both pups sleep with and choose to sleep in an extra large size crate with the door open.  They recently discovered Kongs and enjoy them with frozen canned dog food in them.  She is wonderful in the bathtub, just like her brother.  Unlike Kismet, she has not experienced being carsick at this point.  Karma loves to run outside and herd with the other dogs.  She is very clean, paper-trained, and currently being housebroken.  Kara has started to learn to walk with a harness lead.   Karma has a darling disposition with a very gentle demeanor.   

The ideal home for this sweetheart is a family that loves to give and receive affection. As with any puppy, she would benefit from having an older socialized dog in the home to teach her the ropes but it is not mandatory.  Due to her breed mix, and her probable herding tendencies, older children would be best,  or a family without children.  She would do well on a farm or in a single dwelling fully fenced home.  We expect Karma to eventually be a medium-energy dog so as with Kismet, a family that does a lot of outdoor activities with her would be perfect. 

On November 18, she weighed 12.5 kg.  The vet said she was very healthy with no heart murmur or hernia.  This was her second visit to her vet so now she is fully vaccinated including all her boosters.  She is on Nexguard Spectra and is Microchipped.  She is dewormed with Strongid T once a month.  Barks and Meows Rescue will be paying for her spay at the West Lorne Animal Clinic when she is 6 months of age.

Thank you to Melissa Caron Photography for these divine photos!!