Hi! My Name Is Hoppity

We're happy to tell you that Hoppity has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Hoppity.  He is a lovely Carolina mix weighing 37 lbs.  He is 2 1/2 years old and was found as a stray and brought to the shelter.

Hoppity is a really nice boy.  The vets believe he is a Carolina mix, which we do not see in Ontario very often.  Though he is a mix, we have seen the following characteristics displayed in foster care:

The Carolina dog may be the epitome of a man’s best friend: loyal, playful, protective, and always up for an adventure. A relatively new breed to domestication, Carolina dogs are known for being extremely devoted companions to the humans they bond with. They have a strong pack mentality, so being close to their family unit is a must for these athletic, energetic pets.

Hoppity enjoys companionship with other dogs his size or smaller.  He would not do well left alone for many hours due to the pack mentality of the breed.  He is medium energy and a couple of walks a day will suffice for him.  Hoppity has a willingness to please and is very food-motivated.  With his high level of intelligence, it makes training very easy.  

Hoppity is healthy and his breed is not prone to any particular health diseases.  He has a docked tail but we are unsure if it was docked on purpose or if he was born that way.  

This sweet boy has a big appetite, but we are careful to measure out his food twice daily.  He is gentle when taking treats from your hand.  He sleeps on his foster parent's bed as with his short hair coat can get cold.  He will require a coat for the colder months when being outside.

Hoppity is very agile and loves to run.  He enjoys going outside and exploring.  Hoppity rides well in the vehicle.   He doesn't bark in his foster home unless someone comes to the door.   His recall is good now that he has bonded with his foster family.  

The ideal home for this amazing breed mix will be one where he is not left alone for long.  Family is key to him so being around family members will keep him happy.  Someone who works from home or is retired would be perfect.  He does not need another dog in the home but if there were one, the dog would have to be socialized, small or medium in size, and a female. We do not know how he is with cats, so a cat-free home is a necessity.

Hoppity is neutered, up to date with vaccines, HW negative, microchipped, and on heartworm flea tick prevention.

We thank Melissa Caron Photography for displaying his beautiful posture and good looks in these photos. 

A fully fenced yard is mandatory to apply for Hoppity.