Hi! My Name Is Gryphon

We're happy to tell you that Gryphon has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Gryphon.  He was born on July 4 to Mommy Holly in a litter of 5.  Unfortunately, the Parvo Virus took the lives of 4, leaving Gryphon as the only survivor whose immune system could combat it with the help of medical care.  Gryphon is a very healthy boy,  with zero side effects from the virus.  When fully grown, he will be a medium-breed dog, estimated to be 48lb. He has a medium-length haircoat.  

Gryphon has done remarkably well having been through the Parvo Virus.  He had to be segregated for two weeks during recuperation and not once did he get upset about it.  He now is fully integrated into the foster home with other dogs and is enjoying playing with Mommy Stella's litter as well.  Gryphon is very smart due to his breed mix.  He listens intently and focuses on anything you are asking of him.  He is a quiet boy and only barks if he wants something.  He sleeps through the night on a doggie bed and enjoys the air conditioning in the house.  

Gryphon plays very well with the other dogs.  He has learned quickly which dogs are willing to engage with him.  He is just so smart without being high energy like the pure border collie breeds are.  He will be a mid-energy dog when fully grown.  He eats three times a day and is on Royal Canin Puppy Food.  He enjoys being outside but is not leash-trained.  Gryphon prefers toys that make him think, interactive toys.  Its a true testament to his intelligence level.  

The ideal home for Gryphon certainly would be one where he can have a family that enjoys training him.  He will excel in obedience class and may be a good candidate for agility one day.  He will do well in a home with or without another dog.  He loves everyone and will not disappoint his new family.  He learns very quickly. Gryphon will eventually do well off-leash once trained and bonded with his family for Hikes in the Woods or at a cottage.  He most likely will enjoy swimming.  

On Sept 16, he had his first set of vaccines, including Bordetella and Lepto.  He is in excellent health and weighs 8 kg.    He is on heartworm flea tick prevention and has been microchipped.  

A fully fenced yard is mandatory to apply for our Gryphon.  

Thank you Melissa Caron Photography for all your time and efforts in producing these great shots!