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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Chippit.  He was one of 9 puppies surrendered to multiple Rescues.  The father of the litter is now neutered another Rescue is spaying the Mom.  They are American Bulldog mixes and may end up being 60 lbs plus when fully grown.  The parents weigh 37-40 kg They all have short hair coats.  They were born on December 8, National Brownie Day thus are named after types of Brownies.

Barks and Meows Rescue took in 4 puppies in this litter.  As of  February 3rd, Chippit is the largest in the litter weighing 5.6 kg.  He is a lovely boy, fairly docile who gives you his paws as soon as you start talking to him.  Chippit has beautiful blue eyes and a blue with a white coat.    He loves hard chew toys, ones with hard rubber.  He enjoys wrestling with his siblings.  He loves to be held and is very affectionate.  Pick this litter up and their tails never stop wagging.

This litter is very smart and learns quickly.   They know the routine in their foster home but do not get out of sorts if something changes at a moment's notice.  They sleep, 7 hours in an open crate or on a Karunda Bed.  They tend to get warm very easily, so they do not like too much bedding.  They are all very solid, like little tanks.  They are paper trained and will go outside in their yard.   They love to play and lay on the adult dogs.  They are very good at reading the "cues" from the other dogs.  These cuties, are fed 3 times daily and are on Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy formula with chicken.  This breed mix tends to be allergic to Chicken, but this formula doesn't bother them.  

The ideal home for this litter is one where the family is familiar with the Bully Breed traits and needs.  They will be very strong when fully grown but also very loyal to all the members of the home.  The family that adopts these pups, must sign a contract that stipulates that they will work with group training classes from the get-go. This breed is crucial for socialization with people and other dogs.  The family must be willing to spay and neuter them at 6 months of age, with no exceptions, at our expense, at the West Lorne Animal Clinic.  This breed mix requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation.  They will not be couch potatoes.  They absolutely adore their foster family and play well with other dogs.

On February 3rd,  they had their first set of vaccines, including Bordetella, were microchipped, and provided Nexguard Spectra.  They have been dewormed with Panacur as well.  Chippit weighed 5.6 kg.

UPDATE: 2nd set of vaccines is done.  He weighed 10.7 kg.

A fully fenced yard, a minimum of 6 feet high is mandatory to apply for our Chippit.  A medium to large size resident dog in the home may be considered but it must be a female.

We thank Erin from Woodgate photography for these adorable photos.

  • Bulldog - American & Mix
  • Male
  • 5 Months OldMy DoB is 12/08/2023
  • 10 - 20 Pounds
  • Blue & White
  • Active and Playful
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like All Dogs
  • I Don't Like Cats
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