Hi! My Name Is Cassidy

We're happy to tell you that Cassidy has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Cassidy.  She is a 19-month-old German Shepherd, with a beautiful soft Sable coat.  She has medium-length hair and weighs 66 lbs.  Cassidy was surrendered to Rescue from a backyard breeder situation,  who no longer had a need or interest in her.  

Cassidy has the most wonderful disposition of any young German Shepherd we have ever met.  She loves people, dogs, and children.  She is very gentle even when playing with other dogs.  She enjoys meeting new people and doesn't have the stranger danger aura about her at her foster home.  If the family has no problem with the person, she will welcome them with open arms.  She wags her tail at the park when she gets to meet new people.  She is extremely social!!!

Cassidy loves children of all ages.  Our vet said she had a litter previously so her nurturing nature is very apparent with both children and puppies.  She is very gentle with all and takes treats every so nicely.  She can sit and give a paw and rides like a dream in the vehicle.  We have tested her around the feral cats and she wanted to chase them so will require a cat-free home.

Cassidy doesn't do too badly on a leash and body harness considering she probably has never been walked in her life.  She will need work on that but will be a pleasure to walk her due to her lovely disposition.  She will excel in obedience classes so are looking for a family to take her and show her off.  Our Veterinarians and our photographer,  could not get over how nice she is.  She is the ultimate family dog.

Cassidy enjoys playing with other dogs very much.  She likes both males and females and plays quite nicely though can be a bit vocal, typical of the breed.    She is housebroken and will go out in any type of weather.    She was far too thin when she arrived but now is at her ideal weight.   She will fill out a bit more in the next couple of months.  She is fed a diet of adult and large breed food currently. No crate is needed for this gal, she is not destructive at all in the home.  She sleeps on a doggie bed with the foster family in their room.

The ideal home for Cassidy is one with a family.  Children are fine as long as the family has had dogs previously.  The family must enroll her in obedience classes to ensure her socialization and command retention is at their optimum.  The trainer will be very impressed with her.  She would be an excellent service dog.  Applicants with another socialized canine in the home will be given preference.

Cassidy is spayed, up to date with vaccines, 4dx tested negative,  dewormed, and microchipped.  

A fully fenced yard with a minimum of a 6-foot high w00den fence and a Veterinarian History of Compliance is mandatory to apply for our beautiful and gentle Cassidy.