Hi! My Name Is Carselle

We're happy to tell you that Carselle has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows introduces Carselle.  She is a lovely lab/Great Dane mix and is solid black.  She has double dew claws so may have some Great Pyrenees in her as well.  She has gained 20lbs in the last two months and is now close to 70lbs.  She and her sister were found as strays.  Her sister was adopted from the shelter.  

Carselle is growing quickly so is fed three meals a day of Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy Food.  She is fed 2 cups, 3 times a day.   She was emaciated when she arrived in our care so premium food was a must.  She was treated for Ehrlichia and is all done with her meds with no symptoms.  She rides quite well in the vehicle but requires work and practice for walking on a lead and body harness.  She is food motivated so would be best with this breed mix to continue her socialization with other dogs at obedience classes and doggie daycare.  She does have a prey drive so no cats for this gal.  

Carselle is housebroken and paper trained.  She loves all sorts of toys and is certainly in the chewing stage.  She is not crated but requires multiple toys to keep her busy and not get bored when the family is not home.  She is tall so if crated would require a Great Dane Size crate which is a special order through the pet stores.  She gets excited easily and is a big puppy.  The ideal home for her is one where a family has experience with the Great Dane Breed, with regards to walking them and understanding their temperaments.  Small children would not work for this big puppy at this point as she would bowl them over.  She doesn't realize her own strength.  Children 10 years plus would be fine.  Carselle has been with animals her entire life so she will require another resident socialized canine companion.  A playmate would be great since she is still so young but at the very least a canine companion.  Carselle is a very affectionate girl and comes over and gives kisses to her foster family all the time.  She sleeps on a very large doggie bed.  We believe she will reach 100lbs when fully grown.  She has 4 very big paws.  

Carselle is spayed, microchipped, up to date with vaccines, and on heartworm/flea tick prevention during the season.

A fully fenced  (wooden, minimum 6 ft high) yard, another socialized canine, and a Veterinarian History of Compliance is mandatory in order to apply for Carselle.  

Thank you to Melissa Caron Photography, for illustrating her beauty for all to see.  



Carselle is a very bouncy, gangly, goofy playful pup.  She is all legs and is hilarious to watch her prance around the house, sometimes tripping over her own feet.  She loves other dogs currently and her BFF currently in foster is a beagle mix Jenny and a Shepherd named Kyiv.