Hi! My Name Is Ashley

We're happy to tell you that Ashley has a new furever home.
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Bark and Meows Rescue introduces Ashley.  She and her sister Wynonna, were surrendered to Rescue by a Backyard Breeder who could not sell them for Christmas.  They both have fluffy coats and tails that curl.  They are collie mixes and are small breeds.

Ashley and Wynonna are delightful.  They are small breeds so definitely not pure collies.  They both get along very well and enjoy their meal times.  They are fed three times daily and on Performatrin Small Breed formula.  They are crate trained at night time and are pee pad trained. Ashley may very well be the leader of the two, she is slightly heavier. They enjoy chewing toys and wandering through the foster home.  They are a brilliant breed mix.  They will go to the water bowls when foster Mom is in the kitchen, letting her know if they want more.  

Both sisters love to be picked up and cuddled.  They do not squirm to try and get away.  They are not currently noisy or barky.  They are used to large dogs in their foster home and do very well.  The girls do not like to mess in their crate so if they bark in their crate, it's for good reason.  They do great in the bathtub and ride well in the crate in the vehicle.  They play so gently and sweetly.

Recently the girls were at Puppy Yoga and had a great time as you can tell by their photos. We expect them to be no more than 30 lbs when fully grown.  

Ashley and Wynonna had their first set of vaccines, including Bordetella on January 4.  They are microchipped and have heartworm, flea, tick prevention.  Ashley weighed 3 kg on January 4 with no heart murmur or umbilical hernia.  A fully fenced yard is mandatory to apply for our Ashley.

We wish to thank Erina from Woodgate Photography for taking their photos at Puppy Yoga.  They are all wonderful shots.