Hi! My Name Is Angus

We're happy to tell you that Angus has a new furever home.
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Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Angus.  He is one of 3 puppies born to Mommy Lulu, though only two survived.  Lulu is an 18lb Chihuahua mix and father is unknown though we can see the terrier in them both.  Lulu came from a hoarding situation where multiple dogs were kept in crates.  Angus has a short hair coat and will not be any larger than his Mom when fully grown.

Angus has been and continues to be a joy for us to watch grow.  He has no fear of the other very large dogs in the home and loves to play with any dog that will let him.  He has the intelligence of the Terrier, learning to use stairs and running outside in the yard with the big dogs with no fear he will get stepped on.  He is a talker when he plays with his sister or others.  He is a small breed and at this point not a barker unless he wants another dog to play with him.  He loves all sorts of toys and even kongs.  His diet is Royal Canin Small Breed puppy food and he is fed 3 times a day.    He is paper trained but prefers to go outside.  He loves to be around your feet so one has to be careful not to trip on him.  He is very fast and can dash through a door before you know it.   Angus is fed in his crate.  He is definitely a leader, not a follower.  Angus is very affectionate with his foster family and not nippy.  He has not yet been on a leash so is not leash trained.

The ideal home for Angus would be one where he will get a lot of activity time at this stage due to his puppy energy level.  He really does love the outdoors so backyard family activities would be his ultimate favourite thing to participate in.  

On July 22, Angus had his first set of vaccines, including Bordetella, and was microchipped and given Revolution.  He and his sister have umbilical hernias, so Barks and Meows Rescue will pay for the repair, as well as the neuter at 6 months of age.  

A fully fenced yard is mandatory to apply for our Angus.

Thank you so much to Melissa Caron Photography for these spectacular photos and to Derrick for your help with the pup's photoshoot.