Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Shortbread.  She is a 33lb hound mix born on Nov 21/17.  She has medium length fur.  

Shortbread was one of the pups born to us to Mommy Desilu.  She was adopted to a family that had a horse farm.  Recently we received notification from her family that they needed to return her as she was getting into fights with their senior female dog.  She had been fixed so we knew that was not the problem.   

Shortbread arrived back in our care and it was obvious she had a lot of freedom on the farm, with not many boundaries being set.  She was yearning for physical contact and it showed that she felt the other dogs were a threat to the attention she wanted.  Shortbread had no clue how to play with another dog.  The foster homes dogs had to teach her to play and not feel threatened.  Now she plays with the others dog's and there hasn't been any issues with the dogs she chooses as playmates.  She tries to boss the others but it's fruitless.  She knows she is bottom of the pack so if she wants attention from the family she can come up to them and receive as much as she wants.    She still gets jealous if another dog comes for attention but having another person around, so both dogs receive love at the same time,  has worked wonderfully.

Shortbread loves children.  She has a healthy appetite and is a mid energy dog.  She is very good in the car.  She will need work on a leash and body harness but she likes to be out and about.  She is still a puppy in the adolescent stage.  She is very smart and would do well in obedience training.  She comes when called and can sit and stay on command.  This sweetie is fully housebroken and non destructive in the home so not crated.  She adores curling and curling up up on the family's lap.

The ideal home for Shortbread would be one where various family members exist and whereby their schedules are such that she is not left alone long.  A resident male dog would be fine but not one that is passive.  She will bond quickly with a male canine.  A cat free home is needed as we don't know how she is with cats.

Shortbread is spayed, fully vaccinated, 4dx tested negative, dewormed and on Heartworm and flea prevention.

A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian history of compliance is mandatory in order to apply for Shortbread.

If you wish to apply for Shortbread, click here for an online application.

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