Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Koda.  He is a 6 year old Sharpei/Boxer mix.  He weighs 69lbs and has a short hair coat.  He was found as a stray.

Koda is a very obedient and sweet boy.  Whoever raised him before taught him manners and to respect his family members.  He's a happy guy who doesn't present any concerns at all in his foster home.  He is crate trained and seems to enjoy going in it as his den.  He has done well with the other dogs in the home but can be dominate if allowed to be,  with them.  He does not like cats.  

He does well with children, even toddlers  He can be territorial if the family doesn't show him they are in charge and show him the boundaries.  He's incredibly smart and picks up on the wants of his family so easily.  He is food motivated which helps with training.  He knows his basic commands.  He loves attention and hugs and does whatever he can to please.  He really does look for direction and will do as instructed.  Koda rides well in the vehicle and is not too bad on the leash but does get distracted easily.  He would benefit from obedience classes as far as learning to focus on commands outside of the home.  

Koda cane to us on Apoquel, a drug for dogs with skin allergies that help stop the itch.  We took him to our vet who said he was in perfect shape, ears very clean and no signs off allergies.  He suggested we wean him off the meds to see how he does in this province as he came to us from a different state.  So far he had had zero allergy issues.  It is possible that he may have allergies in the summer months but we don't know for sure as he just arrived in September.  He had previous chronic ear infections which can be common to the Sharpei breed.  The Apoquel helped with them we were told.

The ideal home for Koda is a family environment. A family willing to take him to obedience training, once bonded, is important for any bully breed.  A family with Sharpei or Boxer experience is important.  The family must be one where Kids is included in most of their activities outside of the home.   A couple if walks a day will be ideal.  This breed mix is known for protecting the family so the owners must show him that they don't need him to perform that job and redirect his focus to playtime.

Koda is neutered, up to date with vaccines, 4dx tested negative and on Heartworm/Flea/tick prevention.

A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian history of compliance is mandatory in order to apply for Koda.

If you wish to apply for Koda, click here for an online application.

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