Hi! My Name Is Bazooka

I'm in the Recovery Room - I'll Be Available Soon

Barks and Meows introduces Bazooka.  He is one of 8 puppies,  bred by a Backyard Breeder, to Mommy Luna.  This monster decided to give Luna and 5 of her puppies away, one of which died in our Rescue.  He sold 2 of them and kept one for himself.  He gave them away he said because his girlfriend was fed up of cleaning up poop.    This left Barks and Meows Rescue with 2 males and 2 females.  Mommy Luna is an American Bulldog mix.  The father of the litter apparently was a Husky mix.  Mommy Luna weighed 55 lbs upon intake but was emaciated.  She should be 75lb.  She got very sick and it was discovered that she had a piece of corn cob stuck in her which was blocking her digestion of food.  She had eaten it at the Backyard Breeder's house unbeknownst to the Rescue.  She had it surgically removed and was spayed at the same time.   Thanks to wonderful people and supporters who donated to her medical needs, she is now on the mend.  

Luna was an excellent Mom and allowed nursing until she just couldn't anymore as she continued to get sick from the corncob inside of her.  The litter was born on National Bubblegum Day so they were named after brands of Bubblegum and have come to be known as "The Bubblegum Litter".

Bazooka is just adorable and he is the largest in the litter.   At 8 weeks of age, he weighed in at 5.1 kg.  He is very strong and has the American Bulldog physique.  He loves to play with his siblings and definitely enjoys mealtime.  They are on Proplan Chicken and Rice plus 1 tsp added pumpkin at each meal.  He loves attention and cuddles.  He loves toys of all shapes and sizes.  He is a good boy in the bath but has sensitive back feet when having his nail trims done.  He has a short haircut, like his Mommy Luna.  He will give kisses and enjoys the outdoors.  He is solid and will be a typical bully breed when fully grown.  

The litter is paper trained and is very clean in their whelping area.  They are all quiet, taking after their Mommy Luna.  Even when playing with each other they rarely make a sound.  

The ideal home for all of the puppies in this litter is one where the family understands the bully breed dynamic and traits.  Socialization is KEY to ensuring they continue to love to be with other dogs and people.  We are looking for families who will sign the pups up for obedience training to give them a really good platform to start from.  

On March 31 the litter had their first vaccines done including Bordetella and were microchipped.  They were given an excellent bill of health by our Veterinarian. They have been dewormed every 2 weeks since arriving at our Rescue.  The spay and neuter are included in the adoption fee at 6 months of age at the West Lorne Animal Hospital.  

A fully fenced yard is mandatory to apply for Bazooka.

We are very thankful to Melissa Caron Photography for showcasing these beauties with her wonderful talent.


  • Bulldog - American & Husky - Siberian
  • Male
  • 1 Year OldMy DoB is 02/02/2023
  • 10 - 20 Pounds
  • White & Tan
  • Active and Playful
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like All Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats

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