Barks and Meows Rescue

Foster Home Application

  1. Print and complete the form and contract
  2. Sign the form and contract
  3. Email a scanned copy to [email protected] OR fax to 519 264-5364

Name: _______________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

Apt.#: __________________________________

City: _____________________

Postal Code:_______________

Home phone w. area code: _______________________________________

Preferred Contact Time: _________________________________________

Cell number : _________________________________________________

E-Mail : (home:) _______________________________________________

(work:) _____________________________________________________

House / Apartment / Condo? ____________________________

Rent/own? ______________

Landlord's permission? __________________________________________

Please attach letter , or provide phone number for verification.

Yard? ____________ Fenced? ___________ Height?__________________

If you do not have a fenced yard, do you understand the foster dog will need to be walked 3X day or a rural property where the dog can play with others? ____________

Is someone home during day? ____________

Explain: ____________________________________________________________

Have you crate trained before?_______________

What provisions will be made to let dog out of crate during long workday stretches?


Do you understand Barks and Meows Rescue is not responsible for property damage done by the foster animal? ______________

Do you have children at home?____________

Number?________________ Ages?_______________________________________________

Do you have companion animals? _____________

Number?________________ Ages?_______________________________________________

Are your animals spayed/neutered?__________________

Companion animals rev'c heartworm preventative?_________________________________

What kind?________________________________________________

Do they get along with other animals? ___________________________________________

Explain: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Barks and Meows Rescue will provide all food, supplies (crate), medical care and parasite prevention if necessary. Are you prepared to assume the responsibilities of grooming and caring for your rescue including behavioral rehabilitation (with the help/guidelines of Positive Reinforcement Training) and crating for a dog going through heartworm treatment? _________________

If no, please explain:


Do you understand that Barks and Meows Rescue endorses POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT training techniques ONLY? _________________ and that you will be asked to communicate frequently with our Director to be sure your foster animal's behaviour is progressing properly? ______________

Will you follow Vet instructions to administer any necessary medications? ________________

Are you prepared to contact Barks and Meows Rescue director re. Any medical emergencies? _______________

Do you understand that if you take your foster animal to a vet clinic, that has not been authorized by the director, you are responsible for the costs incurred during that visit? _____________

Do you agree that the Barks and Meows Rescue director will make ALL medical decisions and will be involved in the final decision re. Adoption? _______________

Will you contact the Barks and Meows Rescue director know when you are planning to take dog out of town for family visits/recreation? __________________

Though Barks and Meows Rescue does NOT accept dogs with obvious aggression issues, we do not know the history of many dogs that enter our system. Are you prepared to immediately separate the foster dog from people/animals if the foster injures any person/animal, and immediately contact the Barks and Meows Rescue director?_____________________

Will you keep the foster confined in fenced yard when outdoors, leash walk (flat collar or harness ONLY) the dog regularly, and allow dog indoors? ___________________________________

Do you understand that new rescues can be shy, or aloof, with new situations and it is important to socialize them in a safe manner? ________________

Do you understand that all potential adopters must complete the same procedures and speak to the Barks and Meows Rescue director before being considered as a candidate?___________________

Foster parents are encouraged to maintain an aunt/uncle relationship with their foster, but it does occasionally happen that a foster parent and dog bond so completely that it is best for the dog/family to remain together. Do you understand that if you wish to adopt your foster dog you will be required to complete the Barks and Meows Rescue adoption contract and pay the adoption fee if its your first foster?


Are you willing to be accommodating when Barks and Meows Rescue members wish to visit the dog in your home? _____________________________________________

Name & phone number of your vet: ___________________________________________

How did you hear about Barks and Meows Rescue? ______________________________________________

I am in full agreement with the Barks and Meows Rescue program, and have read the foster home responsibilities info. By signing below I am attesting to the truthfulness of my answers:

Signature: _______________________________________________________

Date: __________________

Barks and Meows Rescue

Dog Foster Contract

The foster(s) agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement:

Ownership of the dog remains with Barks and Meows Rescue. Ownership can be transferred to the foster(s) only by adoption at the discretion of the agent of Barks and Meows Rescue.

The foster(s) commits to keeping the dog for an unspecified length of time whereby an appropriate adoptive home is found by the agent. Barks and Meows Rescue will follow adoption guidelines and will not place a dog in an inappropriate home; there is no way to predict how long the process to find a permanent home will take.

The foster agrees to provide the canine or feline foster with a safe indoor home, secure environment, appropriate care, including appropriate food, training, and on leash exercise, at the foster's expense. In some circumstances, Barks and Meows will provide dog food and dietary supplements. Barks and Meows will pay for all vet care unless otherwise arranged.

Veterinary care: The foster agrees to first notify the Director of Barks and Meows for suggestions, and permission and the name of the veterinarian to which to take the dog. Exception: in life and death emergency, the foster will seek immediate veterinary care, notifying the agent as soon as possible. Needless suffering of the dog shall be avoided.

The foster shall not give away, sell, surrender to shelter or otherwise dispose of the dog. The dog shall not be euthanized unless recommended by a qualified, practicing veterinarian. The director will be contacted to assume care if the foster cannot continue, within a reasonable time frame.

The foster accepts full responsibility for any damage, property and personal injury, for which the dog may be held responsible while under the foster's care, and save harmless Barks and Meows Rescue from any and all claims.

The foster(s) may be included in the adopter selection process, such as interview, home visit, follow-up visit.

The foster agrees that Barks and Meows Rescue has the right to reclaim and take full control over the dog, if any of the above conditions are not fulfilled.

Foster Parent's Name:


Foster's Signature___________________________ Date: ________