Jamey is one of 7 healthy puppies born to Mommy Pippy on May 28.  There are 6 girls and one boy.  They are Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mixes.  We believe they will get to be between 45-50lbs when full grown and have medium length fur.

This litter is very high energy due to their breed mix.  They are incredibly loving and intelligent, but are are working breed.  They will excel in agility or in an herding environment.  The entire litter is looking to bond and will do anything they can to win you over.  They even know how to walk backwards which is a border collie trait. They all have fantastic temperaments. They all have been paper trained.

Jamey is the only boy and is the largest of all in the litter.  He is a very kind and gentle boy.  He is very good with his sisters and doesn't get picked on by any of them.  He's playful and focused.  He is definitely a lover of everything.  on July 12th, Jamey received his first set of vaccinations, including Bordetella.  He weighed in at 5.1kg.  He has been dewormed every two weeks since birth and his fecal was negative.

This litter was named after some of the veterinarians and support staff at the Mount brydges Animal Clinic. We treasure and value their support.

A fully fenced yard and a veterinarian history of compliance is mandatory in order to apply for Jamey.  We will consider farm properties dependent on the Dynamics of the home.

If you wish to apply for Jamey, please click here for an online application.

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