Barks and Meows introduces Delta.  We believe Delta is a Bull/Terrier Hound mix.  Delta is 11 months old with a short hair coat.  Delta weig he She 40lbs and may reach 45 lbs when full grown.  She was found as a stray by a wonderful samaratan and given to our Rescue to find the best home ever!

Delta has grown into just a lovely, darling little girl.  She is a low energy girl, just one of the many hound traits she possesses.  She has long beautiful velvety hound ears, is very food motivated, big hound feet and is extremely loving.  She is wonderful with all dogs.  She's very quiet, even when playing with another dog.  Delta dies not have a hound bark.  She has a long muzzle like the bull terrier, which is much more obvious in person.  

Delta is still being fed puppy food twice daily,  for another month.  Her coat is shiney and her physique is stunning.  She has an extremely gentle nature, and lives to be loved on.  Her tail is always wagging.  Delta listens quite well.  She rides well in the vehicle.  She needs work walking on a body harness but will be successful with practice.

Delta was very good for the Veterinarian staff.  All of them commented on her lovely disposition.  At night she sleeps on a lazyboy chair or couch. She is fully housebroken and doesn't mind going out in the rain.  Our baby girl is very affectionate and loving.  She is crated only to feed as her foster family are home full time. She is an adolescent so still in the chewing stage.

The ideal home for Delta, we believe is one with another resident dog as she loves being with them. She's good with dogs of all sizes and believe she would suffer seperation anxiety within one in the home.  A family who loves outdoor activities with their furry family members is a must.  

Delta is spayed, fully vaccinated including Lyme, and Bordetella, dewormed, 4dx tested negative, Micro chipped and on Heartworm and flea prevention.

A fully fenced yard, a socialized resident dog and a Veterinarian history of compliance is mandatory in order to apply for our Delta.

If you wish to apply for Delta, click here!

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