Dante and Prince


Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Dante and Prince who are a bonded pair.  They are brothers who are a year old and weigh 12.5lbs.  They are Chihuahua/Pug/Dachshund mixes.  They were 2 of 12 rescued from a hoarding situation.  They have medium length fur.

These two siblings are the sweetest boys ever.  They are together all the time and do everything together. They play very well together.  They are paper trained and housebroken.   They have good appetites, receiving measured amounts of dry food mixed with canned twice daily.  They are not crated but sleep in a fenced in area in the master bedroom.

Both of these boys are good with other dogs.  They love to be cuddled and are very affectionate.  They have no idea how to nip or bite so we know they will be excellent with children.    Prince is a wee bit more playful than Dante and is the leader of the two.  Dante is the follower.  These little ones, especially Prince will bark if segregated from the family.  It eventually stops if they know the family has gone out.  They just have beautiful temperaments and any family will be lucky to have them. 

They are both fixed, fully vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, on heartworm and flea prevention and microchipped.

A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian history of compliance is mandatory in order to apply for Dante and Prince.

If you believe, these two brothers deserve your last name, please click here for an online application.

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