UPDATE: The litter now has had their first set of vaccines and continue to be dewormed every two weeks.  They are now crated at night and are very well socialized with other dogs.  They are getting big so we now believe they will reach the 60lb mark when fully grown.

Celine is one of 5 baby Diva's born to Saffron on April 30th.  They are Foxhound mixes.  Mommy saffron was pulled from a high kill shelter already pregnant.  She was surrendered to the shelter along with a male and two other females who were also pregnant.  The owner had kept them all in the same pen and of course, they all got pregnant.  He surrendered them because they all kept escaping the pen.  The father of these pups has since been adopted and the other two pregnant females went to other rescues.

Celine is a loving solid pup.  She enjoys being picked up and cuddled.   She is mostly white from the waist down with some black splotches.  She has a good appetite and is paper trained.  She enjoys playing with toys.  Celine is a quiet gal except in the bathtub.  Celine has short hair but mostly likely will end up being medium length.  We expeect these girls to reach up to 50lbs when fully grown, making them medium size dogs.  

All of these puppies have been dewormed every two weeks since birth.  They are eating Royal Cabin Medium Breed Puppy food.  On June 23, they will receive their first set of vaccines including Bordetella.  They will then be ready to go to their new homes.  This breed mix have a loving and gentle nature and will make wonderful family pets.
A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian history of compliance is mandatory in order to apply for Celine.

If you wish to apply for Celine, please click here.

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