Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Blaze.  He is 1 1/2 years old and is a Retriever/Border Collie.  He weighs 50lbs and has a medium length coat.  He was surrendered to the High Kill Shelter as his family no longer could afford him. 

Blaze is a very handsome dog.  His coat is incredibly shiney.  He enjoys playing with other dogs.  He is still an adolescent, so the adult dogs have taught him how to play nicely.  He is quite obedient.  He sits and lays down on command.  His recall is very good.  He is learning not to jump up when he is excited. He is very affectionate and yearns to cuddled and handled.

Blaze is crate trained but doesn't use one at night.  We would recommend crating him.when the family is out of the home until he is 2 years old or can be trusted in the home.  He is housebroken.  He eats twice daily and is not a gulper.  He eats fairly slowly chewing his food very well.   The shelter told us he was good with cats when tested there with them.  He isn't to bad on a lead and body harness,  he will just need more practice.

This fellow loves kids but caution must be used to ensure currently,  that he does not jump up on them in excitement.  He is a very quiet dog in the foster home.  He seems to prefer the indoors in the cooler weather.  The recliner is his favorite spot.  We are sure he will love going for walks and hikes . We bet he is game for new adventures.  He rides well in the car.  He is very smart and a quick learner.  

The ideal home for Blaze is one with or without children but one where the family includes him in activities both inside and outside of the home.  He would do well with another socialized canine but it isn't a deal breaker.  A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian history of compliance is mandatory in order to apply for Blaze.

Blaze is neutered, fully vaccinated, 4DX tested negative, dewormed, on heartworm and flea and tick prevention.  He is also microchipped.

If you wish to add Blaze to your family, click here for an online application.


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