Barks and Meows Rescue introduces Amour.  She is one of 8 pups born to Mommy Savannah on June 11.  They are lab/heeler/border collie mixes.  They will be large breed dogs when fully grown. They have medium length fur.

Amour is white with brindle markings.  She is  the smallest in the litter. The entire litter is affectionate, loving, sweet and very happy.   They have lots of toys and get a new one each day.  The love to play and wrestle, talking to each other the whole time.  They get warm easily, due to their thick coats so do enjoy being in the air conditioning.  They sleep through the night and are paper trained.

Amour and her siblings have been on Royal Canin medium Breed Puppy food.  They are free fed 4 times daily.    Once they reach 8 weeks old, they will require their food to be measured out and fed 4 times daily.  They have been dewormed every two weeks since birth.

On Thursday August 8, they will receive their first set of vaccines including Bordetella.  They will require a booster on Aug 29 and their rabies at 4 months on Oct 11.

A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian history of compliance is mandatory in order to apply for Amour.  

If you wish to apply for Amour, click here for an online application.

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