Dogs Available for Adoption


Baby Boomer is just 10 months old.  He is the sweetest Foxhound/Beagle mix you will ever meet.  He is Mr. Social and loves every Animal and every human he meets.  He has medium length fur and weighs about 30lbs. 

Baby Boomer is energetic, typical of his age.  He lives playing outside in any type of weather with his doggie friends, but as soon as he comes in he settled on the couch for cuddles and company.   He is game for any kind of play.  He loves every dog he meets and the older dogs have taught him he to play nicely. 

He sleeps in a crate at night as he is still young and may chew or get into things.  Boomer is on Puppy food and should remain so until he is a year old.  He is fed twice daily.  He is fully housebroken.   He is no food aggressive.  He is very good at not jumping up on people.  He is good motivated so easily trained. 

We are looking for a family with a current resident dog to keep Boomer company.  Another dog young enough to enjoy playing with him. A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian history of compliance is also mandatory in order to apply for our Boomer. 

Boomer is neutered, up to date with vaccines including Bordetella, heartworm tested negative,  dewormed and microchipped. 

If you wish to make Boomer your family member, please click here for an online application. 



Meet Maestro, an adorable Boston Terrier/Rat Terrier mix which is our best guess!  He is 2 years old and weighs 27lbs.   He is so very sweet and loving. 

Maestro lives in a multiple dog foster home.  He does great with all dogs from puppies to seniors.  He is housebroken and crate trained.  He sleeps and eats in his crate and crated when his family is not home.  He enjoys playing with toys and in the backyard.   He has a huge appetite so his food is measured out twice daily.   W recommend using a body harness when walking him, with parks being his favourite. 

Maestro is not a noisy dog.  If he barks, there is a reason.   He has shirt hair and a darling underbite.  His tail is curly.  He is a gentle soul, great with dogs, cats and children.  

We are looking for a family that is home a lot.  A resident socialized dog would be a bonus.

Maestro is neutered, up to date with vaccines,  heartworm tested negative, on heartworm prevention last year and dewormed.  

A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian compliance is mandatory in order to apply for Maestro.

If you wish to apply for Maestro, please 
click here for an online application.