Dogs Available for Adoption



Buddy is a beautiful Merle Australian Cattledog.  He has medium length fur and a docked tail.   He is 2 years old and weighs 56lbs.

He has expressed many of the Cattledog traits.  He is loyal, trustworthy, intelligent, not a barker, watchful and alert.  He is always looking for things to herd.  We believe he must have been on a farm before.  He was confiscated from home due to animal neglect, along with another dog, 

Buddy is completely housebroken, crate trained and sleeps through the night.  He is a fairly high energy and needs a job to do.  He is constantly on the move and never sits until night time.  He is very loving and kissey.  He knows how to sit on command and his recall is excellent.   He does well with other dogs but has not been tested with cats.  We don't believe he would do well with cats or at the very least,  he would try and herd them.

He rides well in the car and doesn't get car sick.  He requires a body harness when being walked as he antsy to run free and herd.  He eats twice a day and enjoys his food that is measured out for him.. He is gentle when taking treats do must have been with a family with young ones. 

We are looking for a very active dog family who would involve Buddy in herding or agility activities.  A working farm would be ideal depending on the dynamics of the home.  A fully fenced yard, unless a working farm, and a Veterinarian history of compliance is mandatory in order to apply for Buddy.

Buddy is neutered, fully vaccinated, including Bordetella, tested negative for heartworm, dewormed and on heartworm prevention and flea prevention.

If you believe your home is the right home for our Buddy, click here for an online application .

Buddy and Holly

Buddy and Holly are our adorable bonded pair available for adoption.  They are siblings and are 4 years old.  We believe they are a mix of Jack Russell, Beagle and Pug.  They were surrendered to a high kill shelter when their elderly owner could no longer take care of them.  They are inseparable and must be adopted together to the same family.

These sweet pups have medium length fur.  Buddy weighs 35lbs and Holly 29lbs.   They are housebroken and extremely food motivated.  They do follow their nose, a beagle trait do they are learning that counter surfing Is a no go.  They do not need to be crated.  They love to play outside with other dogs and are very social.  They are good with kitties too!  They both adore children.

They do well on body harnesses and don't mind the rain.   They eat twice daily and currently sleep on the couch.   They are very affectionate and love giving and receiving hugs and kisses.

The ideal home for this dynamic duo, is one where they are included in multiple family activities.   A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian history of compliance is mandatory in order to apply for theIf

They are neutered and spayed, fully vaccinated, tested negative for heartworm and dewormed.

If this pair would complete your family, 
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