Adoption Process

All of our animals are adopted out to Ontario, Canada residents only.  Foster Families will reside from London to Windsor.    All felines are FIV tested and all canines are tested for Heartworm if they are deemed old enough to have contracted it.  Our fosters are all spayed or neutered if over the age of 6 months.  All canines and felines that are adopted out before they turn 6 months will have a due date for their altering, by which the adopter must sign that they are in agreement to.  On due date of the altering, the adopter's Veterinarian will be contacted by a Barks and Meows volunteer to ensure the surgery has taken place.  If the surgery has not been done, the animal will be returned to Barks and Meows Rescue immediately with no refund provided for.  All canines in our foster care are all on heartworm prevention and or Revolution to ensure fleas or ear mites do not exist.  All felines are on Milbemax and or Revolution to ensure they are flea and parasite free.  Each foster is up-to-date with vaccines at all times.

NOTE: We will perform Veterinarian reference checks and have home visits performed before any adopter being approved for one of our rescues.  .  All adoptive homes must have a fully fenced yard and Veterinarian reference.

Our Adoption Process:

  1. Please review the various fosters on our "Available for Adoption" page.  Read the bio's carefully.  Look for a foster that matches the dynamics of your current home.  Each foster has different temperaments and characteristics, so know what you want to have in a companion.  If you don't see a possible match, then please continue your search for a rescued canine elsewhere as they are hundreds of groups with thousands of animals looking for their ideal "forever homes".  A great place to start looking is
  2. If you find what you believe may be a match for your family, please complete the adoption application by clicking on the "Application for Adoption" page then, clicking on the link found on the page.
  3. Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours and you will be responded to by e-mail advising you or whether or not we feel you are a potential match.

If you are considered a potential match, will will make arrangements via e-mail to setup a telephone interview with both spouses in the home.  If we mutually agree, after the interview, that it the may very well be a match,  the foster home will setup an interview with you either at your home or at the foster home.  All family members who reside in the home as well as as any resident canines that live with you must be present for the home interview.  If you live locally, there will be a 24 hour waiting period in order for both parties to think about the foster you have just met.  If you live more than 1 hour away from the foster home then the foster home will have the choice of making a decision while you are there or advising that they wish to think about it over a 24 hour period.  The foster home will have final say on whether or not it is deemed to be good choice and will advise the applicant of their decision.  All decisions are final so we please ask that you respect the knowledge of the foster home as they really do know the animal they are caring for best.
  1. If your family are chosen as a "forever home" for our foster, then you will need to complete and sign an adoption contract outlining our policies and procedures.
  2. All adoption fees are on a cash basis or email Interac transferl dnd we will provide you with a receipt of payment.  Please note this receipt is NOT a tax receipt as we are not a registered charity.



Dogs under the age of 3 months, first set of vaccines , dewormed not yet altered or heartworm tested $400

Dogs between 3-6 months,1 St and second series of vaccines, dewormed not heartworm tested $425

Dogs between 6-8 months, altered, fully vaccinated, dewormed $450

lAll puppy adopters will be charged an additional $75 on top of the adoption fee to be refunded once proof of spay/neuter has occurred at the age of 6 months.

Adult Dogs, (under the age of 8), altered, de-wormed, fully vaccinated, 4DX tested and dewormed: $400.00

Senior Dogs, altered, fully vaccinated and tested negative for heartworm : $250.00


Cats over the age of 6 months, altered $150, vaccines up to date, feline leukemia tested negative, and on Flea and tick prevention..  

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