Toto and Tatters


Now featuring, at Barks and Meows Rescue, two of the most adorable brothers we have ever had. Meet Toto and Tatters, 11 month old bonded siblings.  They can either be adopted out together to the same home or individually to an adoptive family with another resident canine. These cutie pies are wirehaired terrier/beagle mixes.  They weigh 26lbs each.

Both of these little guys are identical in every way.  They are both so loving with people.  The give big hugs and kisses to everyone every chance they can.  They are food motivated and long to be touched.  Toto and Taters are great with other dogs and ignores the cat when we cat tested them.   They are always in the same room, never out of each other's sight.  

  They are crated side by side at night time.  They are fed in the crate as well.  They are not big fans of the crate but it is a requirement currently as they live in a multiple dog home.  They are fed twice daily and are hearty eaters.  Currently canned dog food is added to their feedings and they are on Pro Plan puppy food.  They take treats nicely from your hands.

They ride well in the vehicle and do not get carsick.  They love being outside and will bark to alert you if they hear something.  Lots of toys keep these boys stimulated.  They have the wired haired coats so minimal shedding will occur. They are learning their manners at this stage.  They are being taught not to jump up on people even though getting hugs is their goal.  They no longer counter surf.

Body harnesses work best for walking this dynamic duo.  They are not used to being walked so leash training will be required.

Both of these guys are neutered, up to date with vaccines, including Bordetella, Heartworm tested negative, dewormed, and microchipped.

A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian reference is mandatory in order to apply for this pair.

If one or both these boys will complete your family, please click here for an online application.


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