This is little Percy.  He is a very sweet, loving Jack Russell/Beagle mix, also known as a
Jack-A-Bee.  He is estimated to be 3 years old. Percy was part of an animal cruelty case and the judge ordered him and others taken away from their owners and brought to a shelter.  He weighs 14lbs.

Percy looks so hard for affection.  He is nervous if you grab his collar so we believe he was rough handled in his previous home.  We are constantly petting, stroking and loving him up so he gets used to his collar being touched.  He is such a good boy.  He loves to jump up and cuddle in your lap.  He will give you little tiny kisses anytime.  Percy wants to bond with his foster parents very badly so we know if will bond quickly when he finds a family of his own.  

Percy loves to play with the other dogs in the home, from small to large size.  His best friend is Zeke, also up for adoption and the two are quite the pair.  He has the smarts and the appetite of a Jack Russell but is more docile like the beagle.

Percy is crated at night but would love to sleep on a bed, we are sure, with his new family.  He is currently crated when his foster family is not home.  He is fed twice daily and is housebroken.
He will require a body harness for his walks.

Percy is no trouble and very obedient.  He is a super little guy.  Percy is great with our indoor cats.

Percy is neutered, up to date with vaccines,     including Bordetella.  He has tested negative for heartworm and has been dewormed.

If this little boy will complete your family, please click here for an online application.

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