Dogs Available for Adoption


This is Bo, a loving 7 year old Redbone/lab mix. Oh how he loves people.  He is 55lbs and now at his ideal weight.

Poor Bo was found as a stray in a high kill shelter.  He was quite timid,  most likely from having been a farm dog.   He now is an indoor dog and loving every minute of it.  Bo prefers to be indoors more than  being outside.  He loves his extra large crate and even let's the 9 week old foster puppy have a nap with him in it!  He is good with other dogs but not sure if he is okay with felines.  He is crated at night and when his 
family is not home.  He is also housebroken.

Bo is a good watchdog and will bark when someone comes to the door.  He has the deep bark of a lab, not the baying sound of a Redbone. His other lab traits are being good with children and having a big appetite.  He is fed twice daily and his food is measured out.

This happy soul would love a family to call his own.  He walks quite well with a body harness so we are sure he would look forward to daily walks.

Bo is neutered, has had a dental recently, fully vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, dewormed and on flea and tick prevention.

A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian​ history/reference is mandatory in order to apply for Bo.

If Bo sounds like a fit for your family, please click here for an online application.


Our Kevin is now available for adoption.  This guy is a fun loving lab.  He was found as a stray and the vets estimated him at 2 years of age.  He is a quite tall and weighs 53lbs.  

Kevin enjoys playing with the other foster dogs. Though he is good with dogs of all sizes, he plays hard so playmates should be medium to large size dogs.  He just doesn't realize how strong he is.  He loves to run and takes huge strides when out on a open area.  He enjoys spending a lot of time  with his foster parents as well.  He has all the traits of a lab.  He has a huge appetite so his food is measured out daily.  He has learned that counter surfing and jumping up on people are not allowed.  His foster family are pleased with his progress on learning his manners.

Car rides are another fun passion of Kevin's.  He loves playing with balls and all sorts of toys.  He is perfectly housebroken and crated at night and when his foster family are not home.  

Kevin needs work learning to walk nicely on a leash.  He was found in a rural area so most likely had a farm property.  A body harness will be ideal when walking Kevin.  Kevin knows his basic commands but needs to learn to focus.  He gets very excited at what is going in around him.  We would recommend obedience classes and the fact that he is food motivated will make the exercises a fun time.

Kevin is great with children but we don't know about cats.

Kevin is a great family dog.  He will require a family who is willing to work in further obedience training and take him for some runs. 

A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian history/reference is mandatory in order to apply for our Kevin.

Kevin is neutered, fully vaccinated including Bordetella, he tested negative.  His fecal was negative but he has been dewormed in his foster home regardless.

If Kevin is your guy, please click here for an online application.


This is our Reggie who is a handsome 2 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd mix.   He weighs 41lbs and has medium length fur.  He has lovely  green /hazel eyes that are memorizing.

Reggie is a fun loving boy who enjoys people and other dogs.  He has so much fun playing outside with the other foster dogs in the home.  He loves toys and chasing balls.  He loves children and is very good with them.  Going for walks is another favorite pastime.  He is curious and wants to chase anything that moves.  A body harness is required when walking this fellow.  Reggie does not like cats so a kitty free home is required.

Reggie is considered a mid energy dog.  He can scale a four feet high chain link fence and will, if given the opportunity.  He is not a digger.  He needs to be kept busy.  Another well socialized resident canine who likes to play would be wonderful but is not  mandatory in order to apply for Reggie.  As his breed mix is part of the herding breed, he needs a job to do. Agility or Flyball are great activities to have him focus his working skills on. He knows all his basic commands and only Barks if there is a reason.  He is crate trained and fed twice daily. He is perfectly housebroken.

Reggie is neutered, up to date with vaccines including Bordetella, tested negative for heartworm and has been dewormed.

A fully fenced yard, wooden and minimum 5 feet high and a Veterinarian reference is mandatory in order to apply for Reggie.

If he will complete your family unit, please   click here for an online application.


Beautiful Paddi was recently rescued from a shelter after being found as a stray.  She will be 10 years old next month as estimated by the vets.  She is a terrier/Poodle mix, also known as a terri-poo.  She weighs 17lbs.

Paddi was found having in urgent need of a dental.  All but two teeth were removed so she is now living a healthy life. Now her tongue hangs out on the right side of her mouth making her look even more cute than ever!!  She is fed twice daily with small breed dry food mixed with warm water and canned.  She has a great appetite so we ensure her food is measured out.

Sweet Paddi is very loving and quiet.  We have never heard her bark yet!  She comes when called, is housebroken and currently prefers a doggie bed beside her foster families bed.  She doesn't mind at all being picked up.but doesn't need to be.  She can easily do the four stairs in her foster home.   She is great with dogs, cats and kids.  

Paddi will require a groom every three months. A home, more on the quiet side, will suit her needs perfectly.  A fully fenced yard and a Veterinarian reference is mandatory in order to apply for our darling Paddi.

Paddi is spayed, up to date with vaccines, tested negative for heartworm, dewormed and microchipped.

If Paddi would be a fit for your family, please click here for an online application.